The Inklings is a kinship that enjoys PvE and PvP content nightly. Our mission on Nexus is to explore every meter of its terrain, uncover all of its mysteries, and launch an assault on any foe that we encounter.

To join us, mail an officer or join our circle - The Inklings

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  • DradisWeb/Events
  • PendingMember Assimilation
  • BelroarPvP
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  • Engineer: Dradis
  • Esper: Wise
  • Medic: Belroar
  • Spellslinger: Open
  • Stalker: Belegas
  • Warrior: Farafrid

Sign up today. Event is every Saturday at 730 PT.

[L] Wise a Great job on taking the first 2 bosses down on Vet Mode!
[L] Wise a Congratz to Bel, Z, Syth, Py and Wise for grabbing Silver! We are close to Gold!!!!! Let's do this

Application to Kin

[O] Dradis a posted Jun 1, 14

After you have submitted an application please check that specific post often. Officers will reply back using the same thread with questions or instructions for you.

We want to communicate with you using that thread and that is the quickest way to get you in the kin so please check back often.

Sythist good video, now we need one with more of the members in it ...


Whats is Sabotage?

Get map, details and more...
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